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With TV 2 PLAY you always have access TV 2 channels and programs. Completely as you like.

TV 2 PLAY gives you the freedom to choose when you want to watch your favorite shows, and many of them you can even see the sneak preview – before they appear on TV. TV 2 PLAY is both to yourself and to the rest of the family. With a subscription, you are assured access to:

• Lots of new programs each day + film, a safe children’s universe and foreign series
• Danish series and good Danish film. Entire seasons of Danish series as Ms Rita Fawlty Towers, Idle, Sjit Happens etc.
• Comedy and satire: The funniest from TV 2 ZULU such Dybvaaaaad !, Danish Dynamite, stupid and dangerous and comedy shows
• Sport when it comes. All live sports from TV 2 channels + additional content from the major sporting events which target camera during the Tour de France and additional camera angles from handball matches with more
• Magazines from TV 2 NEWS.
• Download – the programs that we have the rights to
• Airplay – the programs that we have the rights to

• Chromecast
• TV 2 News Radio

With TV 2 PLAY, you decide yourself where you want to watch TV – whether you want the sport to job World Cup in the summer house in the wild by dancing at the restaurant Friday series-marathon in bed, NEWS on the train going to work or children’s entertainment on the sofa.

The first section of our Danish series and program series is free. Otherwise it requires a subscription to use TV 2 PLAY. Hop onto the TV 2 PLAY website and get the first month free.
Afterwards, you can quickly log in to TV 2 PLAY on your iPhone, iPad, iPad mini or iPod touch.

You can choose between:

• LIVE package with access to all TV 2 channels live
• On-demand package with access to TV 2 channels’ programs when it suits you. You can use AirPlay to the majority of the programs
• The entire package, where you can watch live television and programs on demand.

The following live channels are included: TV 2, TV 2 ZULU, TV 2 CHARLIE, TV 2 NEWS, TV 2 FILM, TV 2 FRI.
We recommend you use Wifi, but it is also possible to use 3G or 4G networks. However, you should have at least 1.5 Mbit / sec available.
There currently. only access to AirPlay on TV 2 NEWS who live channel due. rating limitations from our suppliers. Some programs can be left out of the right reasons.

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* Latest & New Additions, Dish AnyWhere, Slingbox, Sky Go, Virgin, OffSideStreams, beIN Sports, Willow Tv are not included in Buy 1, Get 1 Offer due to limited stock.

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